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20 year old androgynous (gender-fluid), queer student of electronic media, art and communication. Aspiring songwriter, producer and music artist (new music coming late October/early Novermber,stay WOKE.)

I am a human being navigating life and making sense out of the ruin that is this shithole of a society. Your opinion or your thoughts on what I do, what I say and who I am, are completely unimportant to me. If you have a problem with that, find me a microscope so I can check every cell in my body for a fuck to give. I'm sure there's one somewhere.

THIS IS MY SPACE and I have no tolerance for:
Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, Transphobia, Cisheterosexism, Ableism, Ignorant Neoliberalism, Creeping Capitalism, Racism/Rape Apologists, White Tears and White Whine, Dedicated Believers in the Church of Reverse Racism or Black Privilege, Ashy Dicks, Lack of Common Sense, Turn up Functions, Shitty Lacefronts, Miss Jessie's Hair Products, Longback Twerkers, Easy Mac and Pop Stars minus Beyoncé

Also, leave your ankhs and respectability politics at home. We out here revolutionizing. Now dip.

# #friedchicken #yaaaaaas #Foodstagram

#friedchicken #yaaaaaas #Foodstagram

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yaaaaaas, friedchicken,

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