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20 year old androgynous (gender-fluid), queer student of electronic media, art and communication. Aspiring songwriter, producer and music artist (new music coming late October/early Novermber,stay WOKE.)

I am a human being navigating life and making sense out of the ruin that is this shithole of a society. Your opinion or your thoughts on what I do, what I say and who I am, are completely unimportant to me. If you have a problem with that, find me a microscope so I can check every cell in my body for a fuck to give. I'm sure there's one somewhere.

THIS IS MY SPACE and I have no tolerance for:
Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, Transphobia, Cisheterosexism, Ableism, Ignorant Neoliberalism, Creeping Capitalism, Racism/Rape Apologists, White Tears and White Whine, Dedicated Believers in the Church of Reverse Racism or Black Privilege, Ashy Dicks, Lack of Common Sense, Turn up Functions, Shitty Lacefronts, Miss Jessie's Hair Products, Longback Twerkers, Easy Mac and Pop Stars minus Beyoncé

Also, leave your ankhs and respectability politics at home. We out here revolutionizing. Now dip.






Hair beauty Teyonah Parris - Elle’s 21st Annual Women In Hollywood

Gah!!!! Gorgeous is an understatement!!!

holy smokes look at that hair!!! love her outfit


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Regina Nieke. 
Untitled (Love), 2012


Regina Nieke

Untitled (Love), 2012

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I’m buying this for my next bae. ;)


I’m buying this for my next bae. ;)

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back off heaux

Look at this hate

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i eat Pears now and shit like that

shout out to all the Pear

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Joni Ernst: Repeal Obamacare And Cut Food Stamps And Force People To Rely On The Church For Help

The Iowa Senate race is one of the closest in the nation so it stands to reason that insulting and attacking a large portion of the population would be a stupid move. But that’s what Republican candidate Joni Ernst has been doing.

During a Q&A session with reporters, Ernst called for repealing Obamacare, abolishing the Department of Education, and slashing food stamps at the Des Moines…

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This is some white devilish bullshit. Once you start considering the impact that this will have on communities of color that cannot afford to support themselves entirely on their own, it’s easy to see why racist, classist white republicans feel like this would be a viable solution.

From the perspective of a person attending a wealthy church (because you know damn well, they’re not frequenting small membership churches) as opposed to a locally-run, small scale community church in a low-income or even middle-income neighborhood, expecting the church to provide makes sense. When your church is not-for-profit but still raking in numbers in hundreds of thousands regularly, you theoretically can provide a lot.

But small churches? The ones whose members barely have enough to put in the collection plate would suffer the most and that wouldn’t be a change from sthe status quo. What problem is being solved with this action? Absolutely nothing. Let’s not also forget the fact that the role of the church in society as the altruistic provider of services for those in need has been a demonstrated failure. Otherwise, this would not be an issue. Regardless of the governments’ assistance and the churchs’ assistance there are still hungry citizens lacking the basic necessities for survival today, so cutting out the government’s contribution would leave the nation in literal ruins.

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"Yes, there are going to be men who realize they have been abusers, harassers, and rapists. That is not going to be easy for them to hear. Yes, men are going to realize that the language that is a part of their everyday lives is degrading and violent. It will not be easy change their tongues. Yes, men are going to realize that the economic, political, and social clout they enjoy is the result of thousands of years of repressive laws and customs aimed at ensuring their dominance, and much of that has to do with causing physical harm to women to secure their silence. And that is going to be really, really uncomfortable to hear. The truth often is."
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